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A beautiful Escape

Onguma The Fort | August 2019 | Namibia

Into the wild of Namibia we go – a new adventure awaits. We fly to the north of Namibia, to the east side of the Etosha Pan. To see the pan from above is truly something special. The green bush on the edge surrounds the great white pan. It is clear to see why Etosha, in the language of the Oshiwambo, means “great white place”. I am always amazed by the wonders of nature.

It takes us about one and a half hours to fly over the pan. We cross from west to east over the 4800km2 large area – it is a surreal sight to behold.

The landscape on the east-side of the pan is different – here the ground is far more rocky and a beautiful hue of almost white. In the shimmering heat of the day, en-route to our destination Onguma The Fort in the private Onguma Resort near Tsumeb, we see some zebra’s grazing on the horizon.

Onguma’s friendly staff welcomes us with a drink and escort us into our beautiful rooms. The architecture and interior design at Onguma The Fort is truly impressive – African flair in combination with Moroccan and Indian influences give it an exotic and luxurious feeling.

In front of my room is a watering hole, allowing me to experience African nature at its best. I can see zebras, impala and springbuck passing by on their way to quench their thirst. To them it must seem like an oasis in a land stricken by severe drought.

Then my heart skips a beat as I see her – a lonely lioness quietly quenching her thirst in the midday heat. In awe, I watch as she savours the much-needed refreshment.

I cannot help but think how fitting this is, as I am traveling with my new lioness bag from MYEISHA. Our new range of lioness bags is dedicated to this majestic animal. She is so beautiful and full of courage. She is alone, but not lonely. She is independent and free and there seems to be an air of great strength combined with deep inner calm surrounding her.

I feel our MYEISHA bag lives up to these features. She too is strong, beautiful and unique in her design. Do we not all have a bit of the lioness within us? I’d like to think we do.

Over a sundowner-drink we enjoy the surreal sparseness of the Etosha Pan. Its unique wilderness and countless camelthorn acacia trees fade into the distance as I absorb the tranquillity of the sinking sun. And once again, I am so grateful to see and experience this all.

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