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A trip to Swakopmund

Swakopmund | June 2019 | Namibia

On the last weekend of May, MYEISHA opened its doors to another flagship store at TRENDHAUS, a quaint little courtyard hidden away like a gem behind the beautiful gift shop Otto Günther, which has a long established history in this charming coastal town of Swakopmund (

We were invited to join the inauguration of the new TRENDHAUS and made our way to Swakopmund, a drive of about 3.5 hours heading west towards the coast away from the capital city Windhoek. As we arrive in the city founded by Captain Curt von François in 1982, dense fog hangs over the lighthouse, one of the main tourist attractions of “Swakop”.

We want to use our time here for another milestone on my MYEISHA Safari through Namibia and utilize the breathtaking scenery this place has to offer. As is typical in Swakop, the sky is grey with fog, but it clears just in time for our sundowner along the pier. We pass the Wood Carvers Market, admiring the carved animals, bowls and colourful fabrics.

We enjoy the warm sunshine of the early evening along the Atlantic Ocean and look forward to a delicious meal at The Tug, one of the best Restaurants to visit while in Swakopmund. As we arrive at the old Jetty Bridge, there is a small ensemble playing some African tunes. The rhythms lift the spirits and weave themselves into our mood … a perfect way to celebrate the day and savour the moment

The sundowner at The Tug Restaurant entices us to enjoy delicious champagne and exquisite oysters, an absolute must while at the coast. As the sun sets over the horizon, we drink a toast to another exciting and eventful day on our MYEISHA Safari.

Accompanied by my favourite bags – the Valentina, Lilly, Rose and Annemie, I am always perfectly accessorized for any occasion. The variety of these bags as well as the ever-changing landscapes of Namibia, continue to enrich and inspire the adventurous Safari spirit that lingers within.

For our fashion shoot on the second day at the coast, we felt that to do justice to the beauty of the Tina bag, we needed an exceptional setting, the kind that only the lunar landscape just before Swakopmund can offer. This barren and surreal landscape provided the ideal backdrop for our Tina Shoot.

I could not help but be reminded of images of the moon as I wandered this lunar landscape with my Tina Bag. Only in Namibia can one find such magical places. What an incredible feeling – no cars around, no other humans except for our team, warm sand beneath my feet and the soft wind whispering secrets only it can understand and keep in this unique environment.

Unique, like the Tina bag is for me, because it stands for beauty and friendship and for those special people that guide and walk beside us through all the small and big moments in life. Friends are the family we choose and I am grateful to have such great family friends in my life.

Finally, the big moment arrives for the opening evening at the TRENDHAUS. The atmosphere is abuzz with creative spirits, busy chatter and heartfelt laughter resonates from the various groups and tables and everyone is exited to see all the stunning products and artisans that have been chosen to be showcased here. Gratefully we acknowledge this beautiful setting and take the opportunity to launch our new Tina Bag

Congratulations go to the owner Sandra W., the heart and soul of the TRENDHAUS endeavour. The old refurbished building resonates a coziness laced with charm and style – the night is a tremendous success and we are honoured to be a part of the TRENDHAUS Family. What an exciting future to look forward to!

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