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A work of love

Windoek | May 2019 | Namibia

Welcome to our Workshop in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital city where our bag-producing magic happens. With a love and keen eye for superior quality, this is where our loyal staff hand produce our MYEISHA handbags.

As I watch my co-workers lovingly craft these bags with the finest care and attention to detail, I cannot help but admire the art of bag making. I am truly in awe of these artisans at work. Carefully they individually pierce every hole that needs to be hand stitched and they have also mastered our custom-designed signature stitch very well.

Our signature coin, with the MYEISHA tree, adorns every one of our bags. To us the tree represents life, hope and the power of positivity. A circle of love frames it – quite literally, as the words surrounding it are various translations of the word ‘love’ in a few different Namibian languages.

Our team has come a long way. Most of them have had no formal education and many were previously unemployed. Here at the workshop we do not just produce the bags, but we also teach our employees the craft of bag making, thereby enabling them to craft these unique leather handbags with learned skill and ever-growing confidence.

With these new acquired skills they are able to earn a good salary and can support their immediate and extended families.

I am pleased to see that everyone enjoys their work and the handling of exquisite materials. This diverse team has grown really close and familiar with each other and while they are all from different backgrounds and cultures, these artisans are united in their passion and dedication to create something beautiful.

United in and by MYEISHA. We create much-loved pieces in an atmosphere that is respectful and kind. I am incredibly proud to be part of such a brilliant and multi-talented team.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Tara Mette

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