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Our Story


MYEISHA was born from the noble idea that to really help others, one must first enable them. The idea for this endeavour blossomed more than five years ago, when Sandra Baumeister, a German with an African soul, decided to follow her inner calling to give others a helping hand – their own helping hand.

Sandra had worked on various charitable projects in South Africa and also came to Namibia. She immediately fell in love with this country with its endless expanses and brave and beautiful people. Here she also met her soul mate and business partner Kym Kibble.

MYEISHA was founded in 2015 with the motivation to value employees, products and customers and to give economically disadvantaged women a chance to take care of themselves and their families. For this reason MYEISHA produces high-quality leather products, mainly handbags, locally in Windhoek, Namibia.  In terms of their design and quality, MYEISHA bags can stand their own and are comparable to the market worldwide.

Committed to the highest standard of excellence, MYEISHA bags are characterised by a modern and unique design portfolio. The lines are chick and minimalist, with a certain “something” that reflects timeless elegance paired with bold style.

MYEISHA bags represent values ​​that Sandra Baumeister and MYEISHA stand for, namely, appreciation, love and quality.

Acting as a mother-branch, “MYEISHA is Love” supports the local subsidiary iNAMi Fashion Sense cc and the charitable foundation Especially NAMIBIAN Trust with its profits.

 “MYEISHA wants to build a reputation for prestigious excellence that serves a noble cause.”

MYEISHA ladies know, that one handbag might not change the world, but the women who wear them can.

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