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Airstrip Couture

Koiimasis | November 2019 | Namibia

Our journey for this shoot began here at this small airstrip on the KOIIMASIS Ranch. As we return to the plane, I look back on an incredible adventure that we’ve been able to enjoy in this most magical setting. From here, the stumbling blocks seem small and surmountable. I climbed on big boulders to get an overview of where my path will lead me and an old ‘Landy’ took me part of the way. I had a wonderful encounter with a cowboy and a very patient horse.

I walked through a unique Quiver Tree forest and found my way back to a part of me. To the person I am and want to be. Maybe, this was a journey to find myself. Finally I have found the courage to be me, completely ME. Today, I am wild and free and have found my inner wildness. I am a lioness.

My MYEISHA Lioness bag accompanying me for this shoot is KYM, named so after my best friend in Namibia. Kym has been by my side, guiding me and my girls through all the new adventures and endeavours here in this beautiful country.

I am so incredibly proud of the team Kym and Sandra. We are, and have always been, soul mates. We are allies for life. Bound by deep admiration, affection, trust and respect for each other, we founded MYEISHA and stand together for each other and our loved ones. Together, we are strong. Together, we are MYEISHA

I feel like this is the moment where I myself take over the controls of this plane and steer it into the future. Into my new life … my new life in Namibia with my girls, with MYEISHA and all the wonderful things they will bring

One thing I know for sure is that I could never loose my love for Africa, for she is within me, I am within her.

I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Wulff and Anke Itzku of the Koiimasis Ranch for your incredible hospitality and for sharing your beautiful piece of land with us. We will definitely be back.

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