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Arriving in the land of adventure

Koiimasis | October 2019 | Namibia

And what an adventure it is!

We are incredibly thrilled to be shooting our first MYEISHA fashion film: I am wild. I am free. I am MYEISHA.

Flying to the south of Namibia, we head to our film location, the Koiimasis Ranch, situated in the Namib Desert. (

Our team for this shoot is made up of Endemic Productions, a Namibian film crew, Jana von Hase our Photographer, Charlene Shoemann our Make-up artist, Diederick Rautenbach our pilot and myself, the producer.

We want to tell the story of MYEISHA, the brand that embodies the characteristics of the lioness: beauty, courage, strength and independence.

These characteristics, along with the desire to be wild and free, appeal to the modern woman. Thus inspired, we had found our movie title – “I am wild. I am free. I am MYEISHA.”

Koiimasis is a very special place in the Namib Desert – although the landscape is dry and bare, the minimalist and stark scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and quietly filled with subtle variety.

I fell in love with this part of the country immediately!

Welcome to our ‘behind the scenes’ experiences, which we are thrilled to be sharing with you.

Our plane lands on the rather small airstrip of Koiimasis and drops us off – it seems (and feels) as if we have landed in the middle of nowhere. The quiet and eerie nothingness of this place is almost haunting and yet at the same time exhilarating. The beginning of a true adventure!

The setting lends itself perfectly to our movie scenery, especially the scene when the plane flies not too far above my head and leaves me stranded in the desert. We had to shoot this scene a few times and each time it became more eerie … the loud thundering plane just above my head and the deserted landscape can play tricks on the mind, as if it was not a movie set, but a real escape.

Our beautiful MYEISHA Rose and Valentina bags accompany me – both handbags are the ideal travel partners, especially in such a small plane.

Didi, our pilot, knows us well. It is not the first time that we have flown with him. We love his thirst for adventure and his flexible spirit entertains our various wishes and requests, even when he needs to swap from being our pilot to playing our cowboy. Thank you Didi – you’re incredible!

Our shoot lasts well beyond the last rays of daylight and our hard work was rewarded with – as always in Namibia – a stunning sunset. I am reminded of the mantra: “Don’t dream your life. Live your dream.”

Indeed, this is a dream-life and with MYEISHA I am living my biggest dream, my dream of Africa. Truly, I am happy!

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