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Desert Grace

Gondwana Desert Grace Lodge | April 2020 | Namibia

The Desert Grace is like pink cotton candy for the soul. Inspired by Rose Quartz, a hue of gold and pastel pinks flow through the entire lodge and its luxurious finishes. Considered the stone of universal love, Rose Quartz is indeed a very apt muse for this lodge, for as you enter upon this beautiful jewel in the desert, you cannot help but feel the harmony and inner peace it radiates.

Elegant Adventure

I have to agree with Bear Grylls : “Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly”. Seize everyday with grace and style and above all, with love.

Somewhere in Namibia

A pink SMEG fridge filled with refreshing cool drinks in the middle of nowhere? Only possible in Namibia.

One night in Namibia

Our Metallic range superbly compliments the wild spirits out there that elegantly take charge and boldly dance.

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