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Desert Sunrise

Koiimasis | October 2019 | Namibia

Our Fashion Safari continues with another beautiful sunrise in Namibia.

Here, in the desert of Africa, is where I have always longed to be. These wide-open spaces of beauty give me the feeling of being stranded on a lonely planet. It is just before sunrise. The air is cold and crisp.

Today, our shoot takes place on a cold winter morning. I am accompanied by one of our new MYEISHA Lioness bags – Janet, lovingly named so after a dear departed soul.

The bags in our Lioness-range were named after beautiful women that have touched our lives and our hearts. Some are no longer with us, but the inner strength that these lionesses shared with us, silently continues to guide and inspire us. They were, and continue to be, role models to us who have played an important part in our lives.

Kym, my best friend and I, both lost a special lioness a short while ago – JANET. Janet was Kym’s mother, a beautiful and loving woman, to whom I also had a very close relationship. She was my African mom who took me under her wing at a time in my life when I felt very abandoned. In honour of this incredible woman, we named this gorgeous, bold bag after her.

With JANET by my side, I am ready to face a new day, filled with confidence and curiosity for new adventures.

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, lies the Koiimasis Ranch – a unique escape, beautifully nestled into the sands of the Namib Desert. I climb upon some boulders to get an overview of the rugged land stretched out before me and can see an old Land Rover in the distance.

The door of the Land Rover almost falls off as I open it. A dusty seat welcomes me. The key is hidden behind the sun visor and falls onto my lap as I search in vain for a mirror. I put on my lipstick, safely tucked into my JULE clutch and am now ready to go. The Land Rover unfortunately does not bring me much further and stops dead after just a short drive.

Through my binoculars I can observe some cowgirls and cowboys driving a herd of cattle together on the Koiimasis Farm. A spectacle of dust rises up from the dry earth and creates a mystical atmosphere.

I am excited for the journey ahead. Lets see where it will take us.

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