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Frequently Asked Questions

Swahili word for the one whom is loved greatly or dearly, it is the second name of the shareholders third daughter Maya, also a Myeisha handbag) and godchild of the other director of Myeisha.

iNAMi – Damara/Nama word for love
Mpenzi – Swahili word for love
Ohole – Oshiwambo word for love

As they hold an identity and personality inspired along the journey of design.

Sourced from Italy, RSA and Portugal constantly being inspired at trade fairs by new high end fabrics and leathers.

Three times a year as we travel through our Namibian landscape.

Yes of course, we pride our brand on top quality sourcing of materials, production and handling of our amulets.

They are produced by an incredible team of people in the country of Namibia.

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