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For the love of a parent

Hobatere | July 2019 | Namibia

My father came to visit me in Namibia. I was very excited for him to come and could not wait to take him on Safari. He has always been a role model to me and continues to unselfishly support me in my endeavours.

I was very happy about my father’s interest in my work with MYEISHA. Bursting at the seams, I wanted to show him everything we do. A flight Safari seemed like the perfect treat for my dad. We travelled with Desert Air in a small plane to Hobatere. I wanted to show him an incredible pride of lionesses that had banded together to hunt and care for their cubs.

We drove out into the bush to scout these beautiful and powerful animals and found them resting not far away from the lodge beneath a tree. It was clear they had just had a successful hunt. Lazily and with a full tummy, they lay in the midday sun. There were three lionesses and three cubs; two males and a female cub.

Although they did not move much, except occasionally to turn from one side to the other, we remained fascinated for a long time and as they lay almost motionless in the heat of the day … absentmindedly we watched as their saturated bellies silently moved up and down.

In the late afternoon we went on another game drive to look for the lions and to explore the grounds of Hobatere. Sipping on a Gin and Tonic, our guide explained the anatomy of a giraffe skeleton to us and on our way back to the lodge, we come across an elephant herd at a watering hole.

The local community here at Hobatere run the lodge. All the employees come from the surrounding areas and are personally invested in the success of Hobatere Lodge. With great zeal everybody works together to ensure that guests experience a pleasant stay. The chef too is local and prepares delicious meals for us.

We also met Liberty – the man here at Hobatere who knows everything about the lions and who could give us more detailed information about the pride. It was truly fascinating to listen to him speak.

The next morning, before we continued on our journey, we saw that an elephant had visited our plane the night before. Big footsteps of the gentle giant surrounded the plane. How big they are compared to my hands! Nature is simply incredible.

Incredible too are these lionesses that we so silently observed…so bold and beautiful. For this reason we have dedicated our new lioness bags to these magical creatures: for their elegance and courage; for their team spirit and cunning independence; for their self-sufficiency and unwavering love and dedication to their cubs.

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