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Galloping wild and free

Koiimasis | October 2019 | Namibia

The horses of Koiimasis Farm are a spectacle to watch. As these magnificent creatures gallop into the wide roaming plains of this barren yet beautiful land, they emanate a cloud of dust, creating a magical atmosphere in the early hours of the morning.

I think to myself that we can learn so much from these powerful and elegant animals. Through my binoculars I can follow them for some time still as they gracefully disappear on the horizon, like a magic trick that leaves you in awe and wanting for more.

Wild and free as these horses, I too continue to walk on the path of my life. A path I have chosen for myself. I silently stepped out of a race I never wanted to be in and feel that I have finally found my own track, where I can race at my own pace towards my own winning aspirations, determined only by me.

Today my MYEISHA TINA bag accompanies me. This bag is dedicated to one of my best friends, but it also reminds me of my other faithful friends that have stood by me through the test of time over the years, good and bad. Without these committed friends and dear family members who have always supported me through all of my endeavours, I surely couldn’t have made it to where I am today.

Sometimes we loose our way and that’s when good friends help us back on track, to find our way back from what we’ve lost – our smile, our hope and our courage, our faith in others. Good friends make me realize what is really important in my life.

At the horse-stall our shoot continues to pay homage to the rugged world of the Cowboys and their free spirit. Rugged but still so beautiful, like diamonds in the rough, much like many of us are.

Together my Cowboy and I saddle the horse … a beautiful stallion with a soft coat and a fluffy mane. I ride out into the future and can’t wait to see what this day will bring.

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