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Namibian Boho-Chic

Omaanda Lodge | August 2019 | Namibia

Bohemian – A person who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love.

Not far from Windhoek, near the international airport, lies a bohemian oasis – Omaanda Lodge (Zannier Hotels). It is the perfect place to showcase our MYEISHA handbags and jewellery designed by Frieda Lühl (@studiofriedaluhl | exclusively for MYEISHA. The stunning setting and boho-vibe perfectly reflect our style – MYEISHA’s Namibianbohochic. (#namibianbohochic).

MYEISHA stands for love, exquisite design, freedom and honesty. The designs of our bags are inspired by the unique and diverse nature of Namibia’s landscapes. In the middle of this unique nature, nestled in-between dry bushes and wide-open spaces, lies Omaanda Lodge – a stylish oasis that blends in perfectly with the beauty of its surroundings.

We sit back, enjoy the view and take in the relaxing ambience of this beautiful place. To us, Namibianbohochic is mirrored in our uniquely designed handbags and represents our attitude to life – a free-spirited life that we believe in living and celebrating. Namibian art and craftsmanship come to life with MYEISHA!

We live the lioness in us and in doing so, we create for ourselves the life we want to live and produce bags that are made with great passion and attention to detail.

A warm almost-summer wind blows through my hair. Quietness descends as we silently observe the animals refreshing themselves at Omaanda’s watering hole. The tranquillity brings with it inner peace and calm. The cappuccino tastes even better here and a sundowner drink even more like Africa. It is indeed a beautiful break from our hectic everyday lives.

I am so grateful to live my dream, my dream of Africa. I live the Namibian bohochic. I love the colours and patterns, fabrics and leathers, pearls and the colourful variety of all beauty surrounding us. I am a free spirit and Namibia gives me the chance to live an unconventional life – with style, uniqueness and passion.

Namibianbohochic expresses exactly the lifestyle that I live and beautifully reflects MYEISHA in all of its many curves and stitches.

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