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Black Stingray


I am Lilly the Petite

Luxurious bohemian flair
Stitched with the utmost care
Handmade from the most gorgeous leather
With oh-so-dreamy tassels
Carry me through your glamorous day
Well into an elegant night
I echo your chic with effortless grace
You will find me to be – a volcanic delight!

Stingray Lilly

Color: Black Stingray
    • 100% bovine leather
    • 100% woven leather handles
    • 47.5 W X 27.5 H X 16cm D
    • Interior: unlined with loose pocket detail and main magnetic closure
    • Front tassel detail: African seeds and bones; ceramic, horn and lava beads
    • Back tassel detail: Leather tassels hung from handles at the back
    • Hand-stitching detail on the gussets
    • Brass plated hardware
    • Handmade in Namibia
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