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Skeleton Coast – A touch of elegance

Shipwreck Lodge | April 2019 | Skeleton Coast

Our final shoot for today takes us back to the Shipwreck Lodge, where we enjoy a sundowner Martini and play a game of chess. Dressed up for an evening shoot with our Jule clutches, we head out for a walk along the dunes and the beach close to the lodge, the sand still warm beneath our feet. The ocean softly gushes in the distance and as night settles in, the bungalows of Shipwreck Lodge glow in the dark like mystical wrecks themselves.

Another beautiful day, spent in one of Namibia’s most pristine and exotic settings.

The next morning we have to fly back to Windhoek as our safari at the Skeleton Coast comes to an end, but we take the opportunity to stop and spend some time looking at the old remains of a plane that crashed back in the 1970s. There is not much left of the wreckage…it has succumbed to the ever changing weather, the sea air and the hot sun that have eroded most of it away. What remains is nothing more than austere detritus.

On our flight back to the capital city Windhoek, our pilot takes us higher than before and we marvel at the Brandberg, the Spitzkoppe, the wide open bush and Namibia’s savannahs as they stretch out far below us. Deeply moved and touched by these many beautiful impressions, we land back in Windhoek and I feel like Alice in this Wonderland we call Namibia.

I am very proud of MYEISHA. The bags and the jewellery have made this adventure something special for me. They accompanied us in various settings, always elegantly carrying everything we needed without losing their beauty.

The MYEISHA bag represents all that we have seen and felt – true beauty in nature. She represents Namibia’s beauty and purity, infused with a pinch of African Exotic.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Model: Sandra Baumeister & Stefan Oosthuzin

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