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Skeleton Coast – Riverbed Safari, Beach lunch and a dip into the ocean

Skeleton Coast | April 2019 | Namibia

We leave Shipwreck Lodge around 8am and drive out to the riverbed of the Hoarusib River. The view is pristine as we approach this green oasis in the middle of a barren landscape. We are lucky to sight Danny and Jumbo, the elephant bulls that live here in the vicinity of the riverbed paradise.

Beautiful clay cliffs guide us into a gorge where our guide explains the interesting origin of these rocks. My brother, a geologist, would have been very interested in the history of these rock formations.

For this mornings photoshoot we chose two beautiful Valentinas and an iNAMi Leather backback, as they are perfectly suited to this safari landscape. Easy and versatile, yet always elegant.

We continue with our second shoot this morning which takes us to the beach. Past a family of Springbuck and some old whalebones, the fresh ocean breeze beckons us closer to the shoreline. As almost always in sunny Namibia, it is a perfect day to be on the beach.

The vast remoteness really is something quite remarkable to behold, even more so when we are met by nothing but the Atlantic Ocean, dreamy white sand – and a beautifully set table. We enjoy a delicious meal, this time accompanied by our dark grey Valentina, which perfectly compliments the grey and blue hues of this coastal setting.

As the day begins to fade we take a long lazy walk on the beach and then dip into the cool refreshing water of the mighty Atlantic.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Model: Sandra Baumeister & Stefan Oosthuzin

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