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Skeleton Coast – Sundowner in the dunes

Skeleton Coast | April 2019 | Namibia

As we are ready to embark on our first great MYEISHA Safari to the Skeleton Coast in the North-West of Namibia, our flight from Windhoek to Swakopmund is delayed by heavy fog at the coast. We are told to wait for better weather and spend the time sipping on a few coffees.

When the weather finally clears and our pilot Hagen has made all of his checks, we are cleared for take-off.

We head down to Swakopmund where we meet with Inki and Isaak of DeLHRA, an organisation committed to preserving the desert lions desert lions. After a very informative conversation and a great exchange of ideas, we continue further north to Möwebay along the Skeleton Coast.

Flying low over the Atlantic Ocean, our flight takes us over the heads of fishermen and seal colonies. The endless ocean draws us in until we circle over the remains of an abandoned oil rig and a beautiful shipwreck – we’ve reached the Skeleton Coast. This National Park, with it’s contrasting and surreal landscape is so named because of the many ships that have met their brutal end on the offshore rocks as dense fog often shrouds this coastline.

As we land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, there is a small landing strip and a hangar … it lies so obscured in this desert landscape, I would have missed it entirely. The air is hot and it is absolutely quiet around us. It feels as if we have landed on another planet.

A driver from Shipwreck Lodge, organised by, picks us up and takes us on a bouncy ride over endless white sand. We do not mind the rough terrain though, as our eyes feast upon a landscape that is breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely awe-inspiring. After 1.5 hours we arrive at the lodge and are greeted with a homemade iced tea.

Eager to catch the last rays of sun falling into the ocean, we head out into the dunes. The warm soft sand trickles through our toes and as the dunes sing below our every step, we sip on a refreshing Campari Tonic and toast the wonder of this incredible nature. Accompanied by our perfectly suited Valentina, our senses have been delighted and aroused in this timeless desert paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Model: Sandra Baumeister & Stefan Oosthuzin

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