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Sunrise coffee in the Savannah

Krumhuk | February 2019 | Outside Windhoek

It’s a beautiful crisp morning as we arrive just before the break of dawn at Krumhuk Farm, a few kilometres south of Windhoek to shoot the Rose Bag. The air is fresh and filled with birdsong. We’ve left the Capital City a mere 20 minutes behind us and yet it already feels like we’re deep into the African bush, surrounded by pure nature.

We’ve scouted a beautiful tree, reminiscent of our own MYEISHA Tree, which serves as the perfect backdrop for our Signature shot. Flora, our model for this morning, is wearing a lovely dress and “San-dals” hand made by the Bushmen. We grab another quick coffee before dawn finally breaks.

As the sun rises in the distance, Flora is elegantly cradling our Rose Bag and the sky fills with the most magnificent hues of yellows, magentas and blues – it is a perfect sunrise.

Through the lens of her wide angled camera, our photographer Jana starts clicking away and tries to capture this beautiful moment. The light fades quickly, but leaves us with a beautiful image, bathed in the light of the stunning sunrise.

The early rise was truly worth it, as we call it a wrap and are happy with a beautiful brand shoot. We hope you feel as inspired as we did that morning.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Model: Flora Blommaert | Make-up Artist: Kulan Ghanes | Behind the scenes: Sandra & MYEISHA team.

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