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Welcome to my Home

Sandra’s Home | January 2019 | Windhoek

It has always been my dream to live in Africa. Finally, I am here.

Like an island for my soul, my African home is where I can be completely me…as I am and have always wanted to be. Here I am both African and European

African flair is reflected in the little things, coupled with European accents to remind that Home is not only where we are born, but also where we want to be – where our heart is.

My bedroom looks upon a bushy Mountainside, bathed gold in the light of the sun. The great diversity of birdlife fills the air with birdsong as I watch a weaverbird build his nest. Proudly he shows it to his beloved mate – yet she disapproves. He seems slightly annoyed, tears it down and builds a new one. It’s a hard life.
Sometimes my dogs disturb the silence with angry barking as a family of baboons come over the mountainside looking for food and water.
Surrounded by such wonderful diversity in this Namibian nature, I am humbly reminded of our MYEISHA Team who equally produce such a variety of beauties – handbags, clutches and so much more with such passion, that I can not help but be proud of my beautifully diverse team of MYEISHA creators.

Photographer: Jana von Hase @ | Model: Sandra Baumeister | MYEISHA Team

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